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I"Emily has changed the way I approach singing and has unlocked the next level for me.  She is shaping me into a more confident singer by dispelling all the myths and solving the mysteries of 'how' along the way.  After decades of lessons with several instructors I've finally found the coach that can teach the complete approach and adapt each individual lesson with ease."

-Tawni Edwards

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"I have had quite a few voice teachers over the years. I have never been given instruction that was so accessible and easy to understand and implement. Emily figured out how to explain things in a way I would understand quickly. She makes technique accessible, and I have improved quickly and more markedly than during any other lessons I've taken."

-Coleman Jett Hancock


"Ms. Emily has completely changed my vocal style - I feel like I am actually a musical theatre performer and not just a singer now. She is very encouraging and always helps me reach my goals."


- Katharine Fox

"Emily Budd has made me a confident singer! I applied to 10 music schools, with her help I aced my auditions, and was accepted to all 10 schools- and received many scholarship offers!  Thanks to her I'll be attending by dream music school and I couldn't be more grateful!" 

-Elise Wendelburg


I"Ms. Budd encourages and inspires me.  She is so fun to work with, and made me a more confident singer!"


-Aminah Hopewell

"I have loved working with Ms. Budd over the years with various acting techniques and vocal instruction. She creates a very safe and enjoyable atmosphere to work in and is very personable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an acting coach or vocal coach!"

-Jessica Chunta

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